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But should be fun ^u^ 
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cherries-and-creme replied to your post “Reminds me of an OC: Maihiri”

You should make a Mai inspiration blog! I have one for Moneca (well, mine’s half inspo half rp). I reblog photography, gif sets and quotes of things that sound like her, things she likes, fanart my friends do of her. I would so follow that for Maihiri!

Ohhhhh i just took your suggestion :D 

Asker kingcailans Asks:
dragon age was my first and favorite video game. the guy you reblogged was varric, a huge sarcastic dwarven dork. i highly recommend it! it's a high fantasy rpg with a lot of depth, and also romance. there is romance. also u will cry. moral of the story: play dragon age.
mjenai mjenai Said:

>u< Ok you guys convinced me! 
I’ll try to get it over the summer or something. I’ll put it on my to do list! :D 


My Flower Crown Ivy Cosplay for Shuto 2014! Makeup and photo by oldmanstephanie!

This picture is now Safe for Work! 

PS: my friend has anime boobs. 

; o  ; What’s Dragon Age about?
I want to learn moreeeeee! Is it a good game?

 нawĸe, ι’м a вυѕιneѕѕмan. on occaѕιon, ι ѕнooт people.

Who&#8217;s is this hottie mchottie? 

 нawĸe, ι’м a вυѕιneѕѕмan. on occaѕιon, ι ѕнooт people.

Who’s is this hottie mchottie? 

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I’m thinking about little elf ears twitching in their sleep and it’s the cutest thing

Headcanon accepted.

My elf Iivari’s ears twitch to loud noises and in his sleep. ;3; I’m happy other people have this headcanon too! 

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Ahhhh I’m not sure of what manga this from but this line just punched me in the feels for it reminded me of Maihiri. ; __: 

Ahhh this sums up her and her love life perfectly and this is exactly how she feels about most of her relationships. She’s not very good at staying interesting she thinks. She really does her best but eventually she always feels like she’s doing a horrible job and that people will eventually see she’s not all that great. 
Mai loves easily but love starts to eat at her too. It becomes a chore and she believes everyone will toss her to the side and move onto something better. She thinks she’s expendable and never really fights for the ones she loves. She feels if a person finds someone else more interesting that she shouldn’t argue about it. She did something wrong and it’s her fault that they lost interest in her. Even if it angers her or hurts her she can’t help but feel it’s her fault. 

Ahh I may be doing more of these “Reminds me of an OC things.” Kinda fun to explore and talk about my babies a bit more.