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Hi yes hello your artwork is awesome could I be you for a little while thanks <3
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Thank youuuuuuuuu 

Noooo, If you’re me then who will I be? 

Seleia mentioned Deion’s funny faces so I drew up another one. 

I figured Deion eventually gets used to being all alone in his home. (Daughter was missing for 13 years and wife divorces him) So he’s very very comfortable with just being…comfortable. Once Mai comes back to live with him, he has a hard time readjusting being presentable in his home.


Was practicing drawing Yesenia’s body yesterday. She gave me a headache XD But I did it!

Yesenia is supposed to be really toned in the legs. She likes to run and stuff. The guy at the top is her guardian, Tenoch.
After Yesenia is left for dead by her sister, Tenoch decides to stay by her side and keep her safe, betraying his queen’s orders. Tenoch couldn’t come to kill Yesenia just because she’s has dark blood in her veins. Tenoch knows all to well what it feels like to be discriminated against and having bonded with Yesenia on their trek back to Theymesia, he felt as if he would be killing his friend. 
He plans to take her to the Uran kingdom to seek allies, namely his father an Uranian ambassador who took a Theymesian wife, hence Tenoch’s strange appearance.

Tenoch is also responsible for Yesenia toning up. After they both are exiled from Theymesia, Tenoch makes sures Yesenia exercises everyday. Living in the Wild Lands and a long journey to Uran would be far too hard if she didn’t condition her body and learn to fight. He still acts as her guardian but he tells her he can’t do everything on his own. They have to work together to make it. 

Also there’s a pouty face angry Deion hating everything XD


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art is hard

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