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Look I did something I said I was going to do. *children’s cheers in the BG* 

Nothing special here. I just wanted to do a NOT purple picture. My last few have had purple in them….so here’s a different color scheme. Also threw on some different kind of jewelry with him…..more accurate jewelry. I don’t draw him often so I never showed off the more updated Bahsinjiian look. I also darkened his skin. It was way to red before. O_o idk how I never noticed that.


The demo colors I did. Mmm dark skin =u= so fun to color

The demo colors I did. 

Mmm dark skin =u= 
so fun to color


ALSO, OMG I’m sooo sorrry copper I said I wouldn’t do more but I can’t staph ;A; halp;, but but it’s Amun<33 just, hnngg let me do this and I’m done I promise ahahaha

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  • Colors could be slightly different depending on your monitor/PC settings.
  • Paint tool sai

Omg..it’s my baby Spree and my baby Amun! So many things to be happy about! Look at him as a baby!!

OMG SPREE!! I have missed you! 


*lays head on pillow* 

There it’s done. Now I can sleep. Dark skin love <3 
Iivari is always fun to draw

Iivari finally has a real pinup of his own ^u^

My friend requested I draw Iivari and so I did! So here we have my God of War and Desire, stripping down to his naughty bits. It was supposed to be a simple pin up…..but nothing is ever simple with Iivari. 



Iivari drawing in the works here. I’m finally drawing Iivari! 

My friend requested that I draw him and so here we are. 
Iivari is my fave character next to Kasim….yet just like Kasim….I rarely draw him. >,< 

But on my Roham picture, I promised I’d do more male pinup pictures! So keeping to that promise! 

A  doodle of my OC Roham.

I remember back in middle and HS, all I would draw was half naked men all glamour shot like XD

This gave me a HS days feel.

I honestly feel like doing male pinup pics for the rest of summer vacation.

Iivari drawing i pushed out today :3
Pretty fun to do considering I never draw this guy XD