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Mai and Iivari sketch I had laying around. 
Wanted to show him messing around with Mai. ^u^

and they lived happily ever after…. 


Baby Iivari
Big Iivari (before he becomes a god) 

Iivari drawing i pushed out today :3
Pretty fun to do considering I never draw this guy XD

Arkan Elves :D
Friend suggested frostbit ears and i thought it was a cute idea. 

Roan, yeah I named him.
I like him a lot. Kinda wanna put him in Jeri’s story. I can see him being a really close friend to him. 
His magic spell thing he’s casting has runes floating around it. I figured if I did add him that means there are a race of elves in Arka. I figured their magic would use the runes that’s found all over Arka. So when they cast anything You can see the words spelled out as they chant.

So I was sitting in on DapperOwl’s Livestream and we began talking about elves. I promised to draw a buff elf so here he is!

I also took the liberty of testing out my new Arkan outfit designs on him. So his hairstyle to his clothes is all Arkan. I’ll add color later. I’m to worn out now.  

Some fanarts.