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looking at animation stuff and this happened.
Mai :)

Mai very nervous and unaware of how to control her feelings for her first night with Kasim. I figured she gives an awkward smile and just remains silent as she watches him sleep next to her. 

Happy Almost Valentine’s day guys :DD 

Did this my digital painting class since i finished my assignment early.
Mai in Bahsinjii attire

Name: Mai Castille
Born: Maht, Damatta

I never really introduced my character Mai. (Mah-ee) or (My) is good.
She’s pretty easy going, selfless person. Growing up she was born to a sex slave woman and sold to a pirate when she was of legal age (15). Mai grew up in rough conditions from being used a tool for bargain by her pirate owner, Jotai ,to sleeping with men for profit when she was back on land. Despite her disgusting upbringing she remained hopeful and eventually found love with another slave, Kasim. Eventually their loved blossomed and they both felt it was time to gain their freedom if they truly wanted to be together. Together they won their freedom but sadly fate seperated them. Their callings were in two different places but on the bright side, Mai is a fun loving girl who adapts to most situations with ease. Never one to judge because she feel she has no right to. She gives mercy to even those who don’t deserve it and tries to compromise with everyone. She is a peace loving girl however she is a fighter. Strong willed, she will fight for those who can’t and just the right thing. She is a survivor and will keep fighting till she’s dead or broken.
Now mai sails the seas from time to time between Damatta and Edrucar. Exapnding her knowledge of the world and helping those in need of peace or redemption. Eventually her deeds are realized by the Mana of peace and she is made the Goddess of Peace and Strength.

sorry if my description is a little off…kinda going off the top of my head XD The first outfit is her deafult up until she goes to Arca with Errol. The right hand side is her Arkan get up.
Well Enjoy Mai.

She often sat on the same ledge on the hottest Damattan days, nude and silent. Embracing the gentle sea breeze on her brown skin; gaze set on the sapphire seas, longing for someone, or something..

To be honest, she herself wasn’t sure why she always looked out to the sea. She had no real fond memories of being amongst it’s waves. However the sound of waves crashing and the salty smell put her at ease. The sight, sounds, and it’s taste opened her senses and mind. Memories of this place became vivid in an instant. The low sounds of the bells and chimes, women giggling, and sensual whispers filled the abandoned brothel in her mind. Ghost of the past returned to this place all at once. It was frightening at first but her heart came to a steady beat when she saw him.

A soft faint smile formed at her lips as she pushed her curly mass of hair behind her ear, showing her mother’s earring. She proceeded to sit up straight in a more presentable fashion as he came closer, “I’ve missed you…”


Little pin up of Mai. Felt she deserved one considering her design changed so much.

Mai waking up to her rowdy sons. No time for sleep when raising four boys…

*If you’re wondering why she’s naked…she lives in a desert country. Think like Morocco or Egypt. Be crazy trying to sleep in clothes.*

Mai as a Naga ^u^
I love drawing nagas <3 
I need to do it more!  

Mai with new hair color
She was due for a makeover
Jeriko sketch makes a cameo :)