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Hanabori Princess by M-Jenai

Drew Mai’s daughter, Nayeli, older.
Nayeli is a child of two cultures but chooses to embrace her father’s side more.
Eventually she goes to live with her father and his people around age 8.

The women in the Hanabori typically dress like this : )
Everyone in the Hanabori normally go topless but their lower regions are covered. Showing off your naughty bits to everyone is going to far to them. Naughty bits are for your spouse(s) lol


Panty Dropper by M-Jenai

I haven’t drawn Errol in…..about…a year O_o maybe two? idk but I never drew the updated big nose version of him. So here he is

Errol is lavahanje ‘s OC.

Sketchy sketching the day away.
Oberon sketches (long haired guy)

Been sick with the flu so drew myself a cheery Amao. ^u^ !
Such radiance… 

Lol enjoy~ 
*rubs his belly for luck* 

Suited Up by M-Jenai

Second Place winner’s “Confidence” Design for Iivari :D

Tiana for Slugburger by M-Jenai

Wow…..talk about LONG OVERDUE. Slugburger won my contest and I finally finished her drawing. I still have second place to finish *cries*

I feel horrible for making her wait this long.
But I hope you like it! I tried to make it look really nice for you.

Cool Down by M-Jenai

Just a Mai and Nassir sketchy sketch.

Some Ink drawings I did.